Wyomissing Creek Gunmakers

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BEIDLER, J. - Gunshop is marked on Berks County Atlas Map of 1862.

CHRIST, D. - A Berks County maker of rifle barrels. His name is inscribed on a rifle made by William Pennabecker (1808-1858).

DEEDS, HENRY W. - A manufacturer of gun barrels all his life, having learned the trade from his father-In-law, William Pennypacker (1811-1888).

DIETZ, M. - Foreman at Frank Miller's when Franklin Schnader apprenticed there (1850's).

FICHTHORN, JOHN - Made gun barrels in factory located below the ice dam near Mohnton. Later he had a hat factory (1860's)

FREDERICK, JOHN - Had a gunsmith shop near Gouglersville (1859-1879)

GLASS, DAN - Built two shops in 1848, where Fichthorn and Kessler Hat Factories later stood. The shops contained a tilt-hammer that did the work of three men in weld-ing a barrel. He invented a water blast that ran the bellows and saved the work of one man. He sold his shops to Gougler and Haberling, and also bore and ground rifle barrels (1848-1858).

GLASS, WILLIAM - Worked at gunshop on former Noznesky property on Schnader's gun factory.

GOUGLER, JOHN - Finished barrels for rifles and bought Dan Glass's shop (1858).

GRING,RUBEN - Gun barrel maker (1870's).

HABERLING - Gun barrel maker, bought Dan Glass's shops with Gougler (1858).

HOLTRY (HOLTREY), HIRAM - Worked for Franklin Schnader for 42 years, welded and finished rifle barrels (1839-1870).

HOLTRY, JOSEPH - Owned and operated a gun barrel shop and did boring and grinding (1850-1875).

HORNBERGER, CYRUS - Finished rifle barrels (1867).

KEIM, JOHN - Had a hardware business in Reading and bought gun barrels in quantity from local gun barrel makers; later took over the Worley shops (1855).

KOHL, CONRAD - Engaged in general gunsmithery and built a gun shop where Amos Price's Saw Mill was located (1851-1862).

KRICK, ISAAC - Made gun barrels at Schnader's Gun Factory as late as 1906. He was one of the last gunmakers to produce finished rifle barrels (1880's-1906)
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MILLER, FRANKLIN - Had a hardware store business and bought gun barrels in quantity from local gun barrel makers. He built a gun factory where Hemmig's Grist Mill once stood, owned two shops at Ruth's Grist Mill and Anthony Wertz's Cottonshop Factory sites. One shop was 30' x 40' with three water wheels and made 4,000 barrels a year. In 1854, he had a total of three factories on the Wyomissing Creek. Later he was forced to sell them because of unfortunate investments (1821-1854).

MILLER, WILLIAM - One of the last smiths along the Wyomissing Creek (1900's).

MOHN, BENJAMIN - Had a shop where the Worley and Spatz Hat Factory was located. He built another shop in 1835 but gave up the business before the Civil War. The plant was taken over by Henry Worley, Mohn's superintendent (1835-1858).

PENNYPACKER, DANIEL - Born December 22, 1761, he was a gunsmith and owned land in Cocalico and Cumru Townships. He had a shop on the Little Muddy Creek, including a dam, boring mill, and Tilken (forging) hammer.

PENNYPACKER, DAVID - Made guns complete on the banks of the Wyomissing Creek by 1786. This is Montgomery's source, and its accuracy is questionable (1786).

PENNYPACKER, SAM - Name appears on a sketch for a stamp of early gunmakers in the Wyomissing Creek area. The draw-ing was done by Professor J. Allen Pawling of Kutztown State College in 1934. He was also men-tioned in books about the Pennsylvania - Kentucky Rifle, and his works are shown as examples of Berks County Rifles. Some experts locate him in Breck-nock and Cocalico Townships, Lancaster County (early 1800's).

PENNYPACKER, WILLIAM, JR. - Succeeded his father in the gun barrel making business in 1858, went to Trenton in 1860 and took charge of a factory making gun barrels there. He returned to Mohnton and carried on the business.

PENNYPACKER, WILLIAM, SR. - Made rifles complete, made and sold locks and rifle barrels and a barrel for shotguns. He was the son of Daniel Pennypacker and ran a shop in Mohnton from 1808 to 1858.

RICHWINE, CORNELIUS - Born in 1802 in Baden Baden, Germany, married Elizabeth Holtry and had ten children. He opened a gun shop in 1835 and made gun barrels until he sold the shop, which then became Ruth's Grist Mill. He died in 1885.

SCHNADER, FRANKLIN - Gun barrel maker on the Wyomissing Creek, made
17,000 barrels during the Civil War (1857 - )

SCHNADER, JAMES - One of the last gunsmiths along the Wyomissing Creek.

SCHNADER, NATHANIEL - Brother of James, made gun barrels as late as 1906. He was a foreman for Franklin K. Schuader.

SHRENERS, DANIEL - Rifle barrel maker.

WALLEY, HENRY - Worked in the Wyomissing Creek gun barrel factories (may be Henry Worley)

WHITE, JOHN H. - Born March 12, 1830, and attended the old pay schools of Cumru Township. When a young man, he learned the trade of gun barrel maker, which he followed for many years, working in Cumru at Worley's and in Heidelberg Township for Holl's,

WOLFINGER, FRANK - Rifle repairs.

WORLEY, HENRY - Shop superintendent for Benjamin Mohn. He later bought Mohn's business upon Mohn's retirement. He was a gun barrel maker, having learned the art from Henry Deeds (1857-1878). He was the son of Jesse Worley.

WORLEY, HENRY H. - Son of Henry Worley, became proficient in gun making and later became a hatter.

WORLEY, JESSE - First of the Worley's in Cumru Township. He worked for William Pennypacker. Later built a dam and was going to use the power for gun barrel factory when he died in 1838 at the age of 50. He may be the Mr. Worley referred to as having built two shops on the Wyomissing Creek as early as 1811 (1811-1838)

WORLEY, JOHN - Son of Jesse Worley, was an ax and gun barrel maker.

WORLEY, THEOPHILUS - Son of Jesse Worley, he was a gun barrel maker who is known to have worked at several places.

YOCUM, NICHOLAS - Bought business of gun barrel factory from John Keim in 1855. He finished the iron for John Keim. Later he sold the business to Franklin K. Schnader (1855-1857).

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